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David Larsen is an artist that lives in Tucson, Arizona.  He works primarily in oils.

David became interested in art at an early age, and throughout high school became quite adept painting and drawing. After high school, he studied at a small private art school, with the idea of a career in illustration. Unfortunately, frustrated about the idea of doing art for a living rather than for the enjoyment of it, he dropped out. He gave it all up making his career elsewhere.

Almost a decade ago, David picked up a brush again after dropping out of the art scene for twenty years. He fell in love with art a second time, rediscovering his original passion. Oil painting became his medium of choice.

"What makes it different this time is that nobody is telling me what to do. I'm doing the art for me. It is my journey."

Many of the pieces he creates are a snippet or scene from his life. Whether it is cooking classes in Italy, street scenes from European cities, wine tasting in California wine country, or playing music at home with his dogs, his experiences end up on canvas.

About his process, David has said, "Painting time is a peaceful time, a time of deep concentration. It is alone time, time spent between me and the canvas. Each painting I do is like a journey to a city that I've never been to before. No matter how much I prepare, I do not know what it will be like until I get there."

His paintings are crafted using a style done for centuries by the old masters up to modern times, slowly building up layers of pigments and glazes. This gives David's paintings a classic warm feel and depth.

Every painting he does is original, from concept, to execution, to completion. Owning a David Larsen original is owning a piece of art that is unique and done by hand by a master craftsman.